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There is no better addition to a East Rockaway backyard then a beautiful swimming pool.  Your backyard will be the go to for your friends and family when they want to both relax, and have some fun.  Paccione and Sons have been installing East Rockaway Swimming Pools and East Rockaway Retaining Walls consistently for many years. Through these many years of work, we have developed an impressive portfolio that shows that our experts are the best at what they do in the East Rockaway area.   

East Rockaway Retaining Walls

Paccione and Sons can design a pool for you and your family in many different forms.  From the more unique free form styles, to the modern looking formal pool style, whatever look you are hoping to achieve, is the one we will give you.  Our pool design experts will first sit with you to see what type of pool you want, and then we will survey your yard to figure out the best way to incorporate your wishes into you current landscape.  If your yard is one which requires a retaining wall, we will design both the pool and the wall in tandem in order to ensure that both the wall and the pool compliment not only each other, but the rest of your yard as well.


East Rockaway Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools are not only a great way to upgrade your back yard and add a new area for entertainment, enjoyment and relaxing, but when done as well as Paccione and Sons are known to do it, Swimming Pools can add a truly nice boost to the value of your East Rockaway home if there ever comes a time to move.  If you choose Paccione and Sons to design and build you your new pool, you will not only get expert pool builders building you a pool that will last decades, but you will also be getting expert land and hardscape designers that are capable of making the area around your pool just as beautiful as the pool itself.  Our designers will sit with you to figure out exactly what you want and expect from your new pool and surrounding areas, and we will build you something that far exceeds your expectations.

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